Founder’s View


Dr. B.R. Amberkar Trust 1996
Ideal Social Worker 1997
Rajiv Gandhi Vichar Manch 1997
Annabhau Sathe Award 1998
Ideal Social Worker 2000
Mahaveer Seva Purskar 2000
Namdev Ghadage Committee 2001
Dr. Moreshwar Agashe Trust 2001
Ekata Gaurav Puraskar 2002
Nagrajbhai Punamia Trust 2002
Ideal Social Work 2006
Laxmibai Dagadusheth Trust 2007
Gaurav Puraskar Manashakti kendra 2009

Founder’s view on beginning of SASA :

I was born in the interior village of Usmanabad which is the most downtrodden area of Maharastra in India. I had to live under the condition of one time food and that too even if provided. Further worsening the condition my Mother who was most loving and caring died and left me an orphan when I was just 12 years old. This left my father with the most important question “HOW TO TAKE CARE OF ME”.

I started doing odd jobs in the village till the day some friends from Pune visited my village and offered me a job in pune.  My father had to agree as the conditions were grim, my father heavy heartedly agreed for me to relocate to Pune. I made my home at the PUNE RAILWAY STATION when in pune, there I learnt the plight of ORPHANS AND DESTITUTE children.  I landed with a job at C.I.R.T Bhosari as a Labour. But the thought of the orphans and destitute never left my mind and there I met Pornima a SOCIAL WORKER, though she had no formal education in social work and I had never been educated much due to hand to mouth conditions, we shared the same thoughts and both of us literally went on a donation and begging spree to gather food and whatever people donated for the orphans and destitute.  Most of it was junk but we believed in the adage “something is better than nothing”  and we provided this to the needy children.

Eventually SARASWATI ANATH SHIKSHAN SANSTHA (SASA) was born IN 1995. Initially we started with 5 children in a temporary shanty where the rent was a huge 500 Rupees at that time for us and every rupee spent was a burden on our side, sometimes we had to deal with the medical problems in the rainy conditions and never had anything to save for the rainy days.

The thought surely came to my mind to leave this work and make a life for myself as I had suffered a lot in life, but always the plight of those kids suffering gave me the confidence to carry on and gave the strength to do so. Gradually people started recognizing the work and came forward with all the help they could and I purchased a land.

Initially a hall was constructed first then the hygiene facilities like toilets separate for both boys and girls came into existence due to sheer hard work and dedication, and above all the faith of children in us. Now there are 50 children happily have a home and those of school going age are mandatorily enrolled in school mostly are enrolled in the MUNINCIPAL SCHOOL & our vision is to enroll them in REPUTED SCHOOLS “AND WE WILL MAKE IT HAPPEN”.

The children are not only gaining knowledge but value aided education for the children are conducted where in they learn the “HERITAGE AND CULTURE OF INDIA AND THE WORLD, ALONG WITH THE VALUES TO BE THE BEST GLOBAL CITIZENS”.

Most important of all the older children treat the younger ones as siblings looking after them as their own.